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Origin. I decided to switch my site from Pelican to Zola. The biggest disadvantage of this migration were Zola's themes at the time. Making your own theme is a great way to gain knowledge about the framework, so I decided to start my own. This is the first and probably the last Zola theme that I made from scratch. Making frontend is easy in general and hard when it comes to details. I learnt much more than I wanted in that process. I decided to publish it while it is still under development in order to gain motivation to finish it. It's just another side-project.

What's so special about Izy-Zola? Most Zola themes look like dokumentation pages. I wanted to create a place where I can share my code snippets, own cheat sheets, projects on github and maybe in the future assets like music or graphics. It is supposed to be a cross-over of devops and gamedev vibes. In order to make it happen I got rid of my purist nature and put the effects generated by JS into the theme.


To summarize core features, here is the list: Animated TOC, Dark/Light modes, Dedicated projects page, Icons (SVGs), Searching, Sidebar, Thumbnails. Under the hood, CSS is served by Tailwind in version 3.

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