Num Lock ‘on’ automatically on startup


In all distributions based on Debian there is num lock turned off by default. If you are one of these users who wants full control over your OS, there are few tricks to change that situation.

The easiest way…

If you have some desktop environment installed, for e.g. KDE, there is a big chance that you can just turn num lock on startup in keyboard options. In KDE just turn on plasma -> type “kcm_keyboard” -> turn num lock on startup. If you are GNOME user read solution below…

Universal way.

So what about environments without this useful option embedded in their graphical keyboard application. As an alternative there is a program named numlockx.

1. Install numlockx

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install numlockx

2. Execute ‘numlockx on’ command on startup by adding it to the bottom of .xinitrc , rc.local or whatever autostart script file you have.

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