Gothic II Gold under Linux


As a gamer I have sentiment to few games to which I return from time to time. One of these is Gothic II. RPG of the year 2003. Since Valve Software released proton it is easier than ever to run games under Linux .

First step. Download Gothic II Gold Edition from steam game library. To do that go to Steam ➞ Settings ➞ Steam Play ➞ Advanced. Check two options:

☑ Enable Steam Play for supported titles

☑ Enable Steam Play for all other titles (optional)

Second step. Find Gothic II Gold Edition in your game library. Click RMB ➞ Properties ➞ General. Check option below:

☑ Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool

From the list below choose older version of Proton. Currently it is Proton 3.16-9. Gothic don’t work under Proton 4.2-9.

Third step. Install Gothic II Gold Edition under your Linux Distribution.

Final step of configuration. Click RMB ➞ Properties ➞ Local files ➞ Browse local files. Open the config file steamapps/common/Gothic II/system/gothic.ini and change few values:

The list below is sorted by priority order:

#1. Disable music.


Zero disables music. This step is only important before first launch of Gothic. Change to:


#2. Disable scaleVideos and playLogoVideos.


Intro and cut-scenes tend to lag under Linux. To change that disable scaleVideos and playLogoVideos parameters.


#3. Resolution.

Gothic II is old. To play in higher resolutions than e.g. 1024×960 change options below.


To something like:


For widescreen resolutions* change:


*The aspect ratio takes effect after talking to an NPC.

#4. Save gothic.ini, launch game, avoid options menu.

That’s all. If you are comfortable with your current settings avoid options in menu, because game will overwrite unchanged settings to default values.

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