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My name is Wojciech and this is my site about Python, Linux and FOSS software.


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23 May 2021

Twitter Shadowban Monitor

Twitter likes bans a lot, and more specifically shadowbans. It's very easy to get one as they are assigned by the built-in abnormal activity detection. They usually last 2-3 days, but users usually don't know it. So let's increase awareness by setting up the appropriate monitor.

15 April 2021

Asteroid Chase - Pyweek, Season 31

I really like Python and games. To combine these two passions, I parcitipate in PyWeeks. This event is very special to me because no matter what theme people choose, no matter what framework your game is written in, Python is always present.

16 September 2020

Drawing network topologies in Python

I plugged the last missing device into my home network (yes, it was router) and was finally able to move on to the network configuration of my DIY datacenter. Unfortunately, I don't have the head to remember all these subnets and configurations, and I have no interest in creating IaC at home. So I thought to myself that I would create a network, draw it and in this way I could remind myself anytime which ports, where, to what and how are connected. Since I am not an artist, I drew a network using the power of Python.

28 August 2020

Cross-platform python databases

Recently I have been looking for a way to save states of my scripts in python and return to them freely later. I came up with an idea to use embedded database. An additional criterion was that it should be easily transferable between environments. Here is my benchmark of databases that can be installed directly from the pip program.

05 August 2020

Procedural 2D map generation

There are many benefits of using a procedural generation in games. And it's not about randomness for players, it's about predictability for developers.

31 January 2020

Make a Netlify Website with Pelican

Pelican is a static site generator written in python. It's well documented and maintained by a broad community. Let's see what is inside this bird and how far we can fly with it.